Getting Started - Create Your VT Account Today!

Creating a VacationTracker Account is easy. Keep reading for a step-by-step guide!

Firstly, visit our home page and click on the Get Started button:

This will bring you to our Signup Page where you enter your basic details (i.e. your name and email address) and set your password. Once done, click on the Get Started button at the end of the page:

When you click on the Get Started button, the following message will be displayed, telling you that you are almost there, you just need to confirm your Email address:

To confirm your address, simply go to your Email account (that you used on the VT signup page), locate the Email from VacationTracker and click on the Confirm My Email button within the Email:

When you click on the Confirm My Email button you will be brought directly to the dashboard area of your new VacationTracker Account. A message will be displayed welcoming you and informing you that your account has been successfully confirmed and created. Another message, informs you that you can start adding employees to your account straight away, click on it to get started:

All done!