Viewing Your PTO/Time-Off Requests:

Note: All users will be able to view the Upcoming Time-Off report (subject to their privilege scope). However only Administrators will also be able to view the Allowance Report and Time-Off Summary options.

Once you are logged into your VacationTracker Account and on your Dashboard, the next step is to click on the arrow next to Reports at the top center of the page to reveal a drop-down menu.

All users will see the following option on the drop-down menu:

  • Upcoming Time-Off

As aforementioned, only Administrators will see three options on the drop-down menu:

  • Upcoming Time-Off
  • Time-Off Summary
  • Allowance Report

Below we will explain each of these three report options in more detail, starting with the Upcoming Time-Off Report.

Upcoming Time-Off Report:

To view the Upcoming Time-Off Report, click on its link as shown below:

The Upcoming Time-Off Report will now be displayed. Here you will see approved time-off for the current week plus one week in the future.

In this example, we are logged in as employee Tom Smith and you can see that he has upcoming time-off as does his his manager John Doe. Employee Tom Smith can click on the View link to view additional information about the upcoming time-off, as shown below:

If you click on View for your own time-off listed, you will have the option to Make Changes. You can see this below, as I am logged in as Employee Tom Smith (you can see this at the top right of the screen) when I click on View the option to Make Changes is visible:

Note: If you want to make changes to your already approved time-off, such as changing the dates of your booked time-off, this will trigger a new time-off request which will need to be approved by the relevant Administrator or Manager.

However, if Tom Smith clicks on View for John Doe’s upcoming time-off, the Make Changes button is not visible. This is because Tom Smith is an Employee and not an Administrator so he cannot make changes or request changes to other employees scheduled time-off:

Time-Off Summary Report:

As an Administrator to view the Time-Off Summary report, click on the link as shown below:

You will now be on the main Time-Off Summary Page. Here is an example with no filters applied:

So, you can view all time-off (i.e. for all employees, departments, locations and status) or you can filter what you see using the different filtering options available. We will discuss these filters in more detail next.

Time-Off Filters:

  • Employee (i.e you can look up individual employees).

In this example we have chosen to view employee Tom Smith’s time-off information:

  • Department (select a Department using the drop-down menu).

In the following screenshot, we have filtered to only see employees in the “Sales & Marketing” Department of our company:

  • Location (select a location using the drop-down menu).

  • Status (i.e. using tags you can refine your search, “pending”, “taken”, “approved” etc.).

You can also use a combination of the above filters, here we have set the Department filter to “HR” and the Status to show “Approved” only. This means we will only see employee(s) time-off from the HR Department that has been approved:

Exporting Your Time-Off Summary Report:

You can also Export your Time-Off Summary Report. To Export the data, from the Time-Off Summary page click on the Export button and choose your preferred Format from the drop-down menu i.e CSV or ODS/Excel:

Allowance Report:

The Allowance Report gives you an overview of the annual allowance for each one of your employees.

As an Administrator to view the Allowance Report, click on the link as shown below:

The Allowance Report will take a few moments to appear, you will see a message informing you of this:

Once the Allowance Report displays, it will look something like this:

As you can see, you can once again filter by Employee, Department or Location. You can also export the data (using CSV or ODS/Excel), which follows the same process as outlined above.